Lost Signal (2007)

Lost Signal       3.8 Rating

Watch Lost Signal: New Years Eve, 2004- Kevin Healy(Santos) and Tiffany Matthews(McCoy) head out to celebrate the New Year and a new beginning in their 7-year relationship. In the midst of the celebration the young couple decide to mark the occasion by experimenting with Crystal Meth. Unbeknown to them, town bad boy Randy Martin slips LSD in their drinks, setting into motion a night of life altering events which will leave one dead and the other forever scarred. The young couple leave the party and quickly begin to realize that they are not alone, or so they think. After a car accident the two run into the woods to escape their stalker, with no protection from the elements. Attempts to call for help are futile when they realize that their cell phone signal is lost. Alone in the woods with the delusions of being chased the couple slowly begin to turn on each other. On the verge of being rescued everything falls apart in this fast paced, psychological thriller, leaving the audience on the edge of their …

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