Hank and Mike (2008)

      5.8 Rating
Watch Hank and Mike: Thomas Michael, Paolo Mancini, Chris Klein and Joe Mantegna star in director Matthiew Klinck’s holiday-themed comedy concerning two downsized Easter bunnies whose friendship starts to suffer when the multi-national corporation that owns all holidays decides to make some serious cutbacks. Hank and Mike are the Felix Unger and Oscar Madison of holiday mascots: They may seem like a mismatched pair yet their differences are precisely what’s kept them together all these years. While Hank is a hard drinking ladies man, Mike can’t seem to look past his own insecurities long enough to realize how truly miserable he is. Once a year, Hank and Mike dutifully venture out to deliver Easter baskets to families everywhere. This year, however, Easter Enterprises has taken a hit, and all “Tier 2″ holidays (Christmas and Hanukkah being prime examples of “Tier 1″) are fair game for downsizing. Since Hank and Mike work only once a year, their jobs are the first to go. Subsequently relegated to the …

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